Run up to the election and anniversary of 9/11

Now that election season is open, it is interesting to see how the lines are being drawn. A couple of things that have recently caught my attention:

  • The New York Times is reporting that the Senate Intelligence Committee has officially stated there was no connection between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, nor between al-Zarkawi and Saddam Hussein, also reiterating that there was no plausible evidence that Hussein was actively pursuing a nuclear weapons program.
  • Garrison Keiller has published a very interesting op-ed (I don’t know if this is a habit for him), commenting on the recent FAA admission that it did not warn the Pentagon on the morning of September 11, 2001 about any potential air traffic problems until after the third plane had already hit their building. This contradicts their testimony before the 9/11 commission.
  • Dana Priest, who published the Washington Post Articles ousting the secret overseas dention facilities engaged in unusual interrogation methods on terrorist suspects (and who subsequently received both a Pulitzer Prize and a storm of criticism for her efforts), appears on PBS’s Washington Week with Gwen Ifill providing some interesting perspective of the recent triumphal announcements by the White House that it is now moving these highly dangerous and previously non-existent terror suspects to Guantanamo.
  • And Juan Gonzalez, co-anchor on Democracy Now! and staff writer for the New York Daily News, follows up on his groundbreaking story in Oct. 26, 2001 that the air in lower Manhattan was unsafe in the days and weeks following 9-11 given the recently published longitudinal study showing that 70% of ground zero responders have developed serious resperatory complications since then.

One thought on “Run up to the election and anniversary of 9/11

  1. So, when do you think ABC will air “The Road to Iraq or is it Iran”?

    9/11 – An Attack Against Humanity
    I read a very interesting note on meetings between Iran, China, and Russia at misneach blog a couple months ago. I wonder why I haven’t heard much about this anywhere else? The strategic value of developing closer relationships between theses countries is clear to see, for anyone who is paying attention.

    China’s rapid growth is fueling an insatiable appetite for Oil.

    Russia is looking for any market to sell its products and services. Is Iran hiring? Have they posted any want ads for a nuclear scientist?

    Both China and Russia are permanent members of the UN Security Council. Any UN sponsored sanctions against Iran will likely face a veto from one or both of these nations, based upon their own strategic reasons. What is America to do? The military option is unrealistic.

    Today, America is over extended militarily and out of touch diplomatically. I am most saddened by the reckless disregard for diplomacy, civility, and sportsmanship the Bush Administration has displayed since 9/11/01. They have managed to pull defeat and division from the jaws of victory and cohesion in the real “war on terror.” Just look at Afghanistan if you doubt this assertion.

    The world mourned with us and for themselves after Sept. 11th. The attack on the World Trade Center was not only an attack upon America. It was an attack against all humanity. Citizens of far too many other countries died on 9/11 in NYC.

    The other countries and thousands of families who lost loved ones at “ground zero” are fighting their own personal wars on terror everyday. Their lives have been changed forever. How dare we allow our “public servants” to exploit their sufferings to launch a preemptive war on Iraq, while not bringing Bin Laden to justice?

    QuestionItNow – Still In Iraq

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