Bill Moyers on the Drumbeat to War

Bill Moyer’s journal provides a very good summary of the feedback loop between the administration and the media in the lead-up to the war in Iraq. Much of the information is already widely known, but this short program puts it all together, includes a good cast of key players in inside-the-beltway journalism who were involved in this reporting and introduces information that I was not previously aware of.



3 thoughts on “Bill Moyers on the Drumbeat to War

  1. Yup … We were had by the Neocons. GW Bush was the perfect front for them . He seemed , so honest, so down-to-earth , so unpretentious. He would never lie about anything as imprtant as that.

  2. The person I can’t get over is Richard Perle. This is the guy who was telling everyone on Sept. 12th that Iraq was going down. But in a recent documentary he is claiming that when he said “regime change” in Iraq he meant through internal disruption and not an external military assault. The political rhetoric here is so thorny and contentious that there seems little hope for really understanding what happened and why any time in the near future.

  3. Richard Perle also said that the Iraqis would probably name a boulevard after GW Bush. lol

    What did you expect would be the result of a bunch of draft-dodging chicken hawks in PNAC planning a war???

    They should go back to playing Dungeons and Dragons.

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