Are the Current Approaches to Global Warming a case of ‘too little too late’?

George Monbiot’s recent editorial highlights an interesting and disturbing fact: in terms of the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, we are already in danger of reaching global warming levels of 2 C or higher (these are widely agreed to be “dangerous” levels). He also points out that even the EU and Britain, who are most progressive in setting reduction targets in greenhouse gases, are trying to fudge the numbers rather than face up to the drastic measures that need to be taken (Monbiot suggests an 85% per capita reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for the UK over the next 25 yrs.).



2 thoughts on “Are the Current Approaches to Global Warming a case of ‘too little too late’?

  1. Monbiot has written yet another awesome piece, that’s for sure.
    What’s in there though should scare the hell out of us and make us wonder about how wise it is to keep on to industrialization as it is without erasing our species from the face of Earth while all the while pretending that we tackle the problem.

    I don’t know how serious things really are. I believe nobody really knows. Earth is a huge chaotic system, far too complicated to allow for safe predictions. Yet when I ponder about it I can’t stop thinking about Hemingway’s way of describing a business bankruptcy. “Gradually and then suddenly.”

  2. Thanks for the comment, zerog. Indeed, it remains difficult to imagine how we can make scientific knowledge politically effective.

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