Spam like weeds

Sorry, been gone for a while. When I checked in today, I found that a spammer had infiltrated akismet and left a bunch of porn links in my comments. I block all comments with four or more links, but this spammer had left 15 comments, each with one link in them. And all of the comments appeared under an article I had written on the Sophia Copola movie Marie Antoinette. Interesting. Anyone have any ideas about how to filter these? I am reluctant to blacklist any “real” words (by which I mean words that make sense) or any IP address.

Anyway, feels like weeding the garden. Good to see that there’s still some life in there, I guess.


One thought on “Spam like weeds

  1. Hi, I noticed a link to my website coming from here so I was checking your blog out. Looks good. Per your problem with spam, try the math comment spam filter I use, works great combined with the usual stuff (blacklist, limited links, etc.).

    The other thing I do is while away for more than 12 hours at a time I turn off comments from other than those with previously approved comment. But I’m finding that might be overkill now that I’ve blocked all incoming traffic from Brazil, Russia and China. Easy for me to do that, as how many skiers from Brazil read WildSnow? Might be tougher for you to use that technique, as you don’t want to block any budding philosophers from your take!

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